Just wanted to write a post advertising that we have Strep for sale!  Cheap!  Free, actually!  Come and get it!


3 out of 5 of us have tested positive for Strep today.

1 of us has a doctor willing to call in a Rx “just in case”.  Yeah.  Like there’s any chance Brad’s not going to get it.

1 of us just started showing symptoms moments ago.  And we’re waiting to hear back from that doctor, who will probably not be as willing.  Which means we will probably be taking Peter in tomorrow AM.

You know what I DIDN’T ask for for Mother’s Day?  This.

But on the plus side, Strep means time at home with the family, ice cream and popsicles.  Also on the plus side, it’s not ROTOVIRUS!  (Sorry Will and Meredith, but I’ll take Strep any day over Rotovirus.)

Happy Mother’s Day to all and here’s wishing you a pain and virus free weekend!