On the way to school the other day, Samuel was pretending he was driving his own car to pick up his own kids at school.  He was making all the sounds and talking back in the 3rd row of the van, so I played along and asked him some questions, starting with how many kids do you have?  He had 5.  So I asked what their names were.  Well, there was Flaggy.  And Goalie.  And, of course, the favorite – Crossing Guard.  Then there was one named Smith Elementary.  And Nothing.  Oh, and the twins – Visible and Invisible.

(For those who are counting, that’s actually 7 names.)

So I asked how old they were.  His answer was “10, like 8, like 9…2 10s, 2 9s and 2 8s.”  (Translated: 2 ten year olds, 2 nine year olds and 2 eight year olds.)  Then he said, “There’s actually 6 of them.”

(Funny how easy it is to forget how many kids you have.)

He finished the conversation by saying: “Oh, and I can warp.”

Because if you have that many kids that close together in age, you would have to be able to warp in order to just keep up with them!