So I had a few minutes…

Good grief! Somebody stuff that whistle down that coach’s throat!

…and thought I would write a quick blog post. Not really sure what to write about but I do have a couple of pictures to post.

Seriously – is that child crying AGAIN??? Clearly I am not cut out for this.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Pictures.

Oh. My. Word. That woman just totally squatted in front of me and her butt crack was showing!!!! I’ll try to snap a picture of her!

So, here’s my new desk, in my new office (formerly known as the Guest Bedroom).

Here’s my $600 mouth guard. One guess who got a hold of it.

Yeah. Her.

Samuel got cold eating ice cream and put on his coat.

Samuel at his game last week.

Peter decided he needed a home within his home. So he turned this cardboard box into his house. Go figure.


Another view of my new desk.

We moved the organ desk into the Dining Room. It looks great there!