For those of you who get my blog posts via email and noticed the previous version of this post was blank, I apologize.  I thought I had embedded the following video but apparently had not done so successfully.  So, without any further ado…adu…adiue?  time spent waiting, here’s the video (click the link below to view).

[WARNING: if you are eating, or have a weak stomach, or just really like mice, I suggest you just skip this one.]

Snickers The Wonder Dog Catches A Mouse

[9:17pm UPDATE: “Snickers the Wonder Dog” is now “Snickers the Blunder Dog” since she came INTO MY KITCHEN AND ATE THE CHICKEN I WAS ABOUT TO HEAT UP FOR DINNER.  I literally pulled the leftovers out of the fridge, stepped away to help Peter with his project that’s due Friday, then came back to discover HALF of the dish was gone – and there was NO TRACE anything had happened.  The only way I knew she had done it (besides past experience) was the look in her eyes and the way she went down into her “please don’t be mad at me” position when I looked at her.  That and she was licking her chops like she had just had the best meal ever because, SHE HAD JUST EATEN OUR DINNER.  Not only that, but she ate said dinner approximately 45 minutes before we had to be at Peter’s first band concert!  Ever!  She’s still in trouble, and I think she knows it.  She’s been slinking around with her head hung low.  If she just wasn’t so darn cute, I would maker her sleep outside.  Or something.  Or not.]