Well, as of about 7pm tonight, I was finally done with all the chopping and preparing tasks so I could begin my Once-A-Month-Cooking.

For those keeping count, that means that I started all of this on Thursday (with a trip to Sam’s) and it has taken me until tonight-Saturday-JUST TO GET READY TO START COOKING.  Seriously, when I think of Once-A-Month-Cooking, I don’t normally assume it takes THE ENTIRE MONTH to get the 30 meals made.  At this rate, I might as well – I don’t know – COOK!  Every night!  Like a sane person!

Instead, here is photographic evidence that I have, indeed, gone crazy.

Now that everything's ready, time for bed.

Now that everything's ready, time for bed.

But on a brighter note, I had a great nap today!  That might have something to do with only being where I am in the process.

When I started this, I was overwhelmed with the budget.  Putting Matthew into MDO twice a week caused us to actually look at it, and that’s when the trouble began.  Let’s just say, it’s not pretty, and leave it at that.

So, I decided the best way to handle all of the overspending was to GO OUT AND SPEND OUR WHOLE MONTH’S GROCERY BUDGET IN TWO DAYS!

You think I’m kidding?

So I went to Sam’s, then on Friday, to Market Street, where they have all these adorable little grocery baskets that totally saved my life.  Samuel was a happy camper, as long as he was pushing one of these babies.  Thankfully, the store was mostly empty so he didn’t mow anyone down with his cart.

My shopping buddy
My shopping buddy

The highlight of the trip for me was when two women passed Samuel and said “I hope you have a lot of money!”  He never even blinked but shouted back at them “Yeah, I do” and just kept on going.

It’s a good thing one of us knew what he was doing.