Because I know my personal life holds so much interest for everyone, I thought I’d give a quick run-down of life, post-Hawaii.

Monday: Loaded pictures from multiple cameras and cards onto computer. Began to experience computer problems involving multiple reboots and much frustration. Also slept. Because the lag as we call it, is a killer. (We being me. Because I’m a total dork.)

Tuesday: Began creating multiple albums on the Picasa website into which to upload all my pictures. Because each album holds only 1000 pictures. Whose stupid idea was that?

Also began noticing even more computer problems. And, because Brad installed my new dryer Monday night, I began the dreaded process of unpacking and (UGH) doing laundry.

Wednesday: Laundry. And then, more laundry. Gave up on computer and just shut it down. Then did – you guessed it – more laundry.

Thursday: Computer crashed. Got multiple messages about hard drive crashing, RAM temp being too high, etc. Some new “Windows Repair” program kept trying to fix it but could only fix part of the issues. Spent hours removing programs before realizing the new “Windows Repair” program was actually a VIRUS that was CAUSING all the problems. Started running full scan of computer using anti-virus software that will take all night. Started wishing for more laundry to do to take my mind off of computer. Went grocery shopping and got my oil changed instead.

Friday: Tomorrow, my plan is to IGNORE my computer and spend my day dressed in my new Hawaiian dress, jewelry, and hair flowers, practicing the Hula while staring at my vacation pictures. And repeating the Hawaiian words I learned to my dog. All two of them.

Mahalo and Aloha