If you know my father, you might recognize some of his “Beever Humor” in this story.  (Then again, it was my mother who met me in the hallway one Christmas morning when I was little with her arms raised above her head and a loud “ROAR” that sent me back up to my room screaming.)

What?  That didn’t happen to you as a kid?

Anyway, Samuel started bugging me recently about “April 8th”.  He started saying things like “Aren’t you excited about April 8th?  Can you wait for April 8th?  Won’t you be happy when it’s April 8th?”  I got a little tired of it, so I finally looked at him with a quizzical look on my face and said “April 8th?  What’s April 8th?”.  He got great satisfaction from telling me that April 8th was Easter, and followed it up with “Aren’t you excited about Easter?”.  I said “Oh yes!  I can’t wait to go to church and celebrate Jesus and sing songs of praise-” “No!  I meant aren’t you excited about hunting Easter eggs and candy and all of that?!!”  Again, I give him a confused look.  “What candy and Easter eggs?”  He responds with a horrified, “You don’t have any Easter eggs and candy for us!?!  None at all?!!” I pretend to be thinking hard, then say, “OH, was that my job?  I thought you were going to take care of it this year!”

He seemed distressed, but I planned to make it all good when I tucked him into bed.  Unfortunately, I forgot.  So the next morning, he was late coming down for school.  When he made it downstairs, he was carrying the project he had been diligently working on in his room.  Here it is:

Such a sad face!

Labelled underneath “For Easter Only”

His basket – just lacking another handle

I tell you, that boy just has no faith in me.  On the other hand, he sure can put together a mean Easter basket with nothing but a stapler and some paper!!!

Now please excuse me while I run to the store.  I need to go see about finding something for the boys for Easter.