Tonight, Brad and I celebrated our 17th anniversary. Our actual anniversary isn’t until July 18 but with Brad travelling again this week and the rest of us making the daily drive downtown for VBS, we thought we might be too pooped to party by then.

Have I ever mentioned how labor-intensive typing with one finger can be?

Anyway, we celebrated in style! Well, it started out that way. We had a nice dinner at La Hacienda, followed by a quick trip to the theater.

The dollar theater.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. It costed us $2 per ticket. Brad told me his drink costed more than our tickets! But what really matters is that the movie was so captivating I hardly noticed the two older ladies seated next to me who kept informing each other how the plot was unfolding. “Oh! He didn’t realize she was working for the evil defense contractor! That explains why she was able to seduce him and ended up pregnant with his baby!”

As you can tell, it was also a completely believable plot.

Then, as if dinner and a movie wasn’t enough, we stopped at the walmart on the way home! Actually, that was totally at my request. It just doesn’t feel like a date night to me unless we stop at walmart or target.

In the end it was a perfectly beautiful evening. Thank you to the grandparents for keeping the boys!

But most especially, thank you, Brad, for pursuing me then, and for still pursuing me today. When I look at myself through your eyes, I see way more than I do looking through my own. And that’s a better gift than – than even this new iPhone! But I’ll keep both, thank you.

I love you, sweetie!!!!