1. Brad and Peter are camping.  So it’s just me and the tantrum twins.  No, they are not twins but they sound exactly the same when they whine at me.

2. I thought since I would be here alone with two whiny preschoolers, this would be a perfect time to cook 30 meals in one day.  Please slap me next time you see me.  Thank you.

3. I have been up with at least one child every night this week, except for one night when Brad took whiny preschooler duty and was up with two of them in the same night.  Ha.

4. It’s 10pm and I am cooking 7 pounds of chicken on the stove.  What was I thinking???

5. Next time some one goes camping around here, it’s going to be me and I won’t be spending the weekend at any campgrounds.  Or with any children.  I will be at a spa somewhere, recuperating from this weekend.  But at least my family will be well fed.