The Best Day EVER (So Far)

In case you can’t tell, my post title today is a quote, taken from Peter.  The most recent time he spoke this phrase was a few Fridays ago, when Peter and Matthew were both recognized during their school’s morning program.  Peter’s name was picked among those in his grade receiving a VIP (for performing an especially good deed); Matthew was recognized by the Vice-Principal for receiving a “Positive Referral”.  That was his teacher’s way of telling him he was doing a good job keeping his anger under control and his hands to himself.  Matthew was so excited, and Peter was pretty excited, as well.  Brad and I both showed up for the program and I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone.


Peter’s on the far right, middle row.


It’s hard to see in this picture, but Matthew was beaming from ear to ear.

In other news, I’ve been cleaning up my laptop hard drive and moving all of my pictures to the removable hard drive.  In the process, I have come across some photos I had forgotten existed.  Here’s a couple of Matthew at around age 2:




Something about this pensive look melts my heart.


This was the day Samuel was born.  Look at how Matthew’s shorts almost touch the tops of his shoes!


And here’s Samuel!


Peter meets Samuel for the first time.  Feel the love, people, feel the love.  If only he still felt so loving…

Hard to believe Samuel will turn 5 this summer.  Where has the time gone?