Through The Eyes Of A Four-Year-Old

Our church is about to start a building program, and we are just starting into the capital campaign for said program.  Sunday was a day of meetings as Brad and I saw and heard first hand how the changes to our campus will affect us and our children.  We were understandably excited and talked a lot with each other and the kids during the course of the day yesterday.  We also came home with some very nice brochures, complete with artist’ renderings of our campus.

Samuel was very interested in everything that we talked about and asked a lot of questions.  In fact, all three boys were interested, so we took the opportunity to talk to them about the gift we will be making as a family.  Then tonight, we prayed through our special prayer card, a card which lists specific requests for each week of this capital campaign. We assigned each boy a topic from the card and tried to help them understand it well enough to pray for that request.

Samuel’s request was that “through our sacrificial gifts, we reach our goal of raising $130 million to build our new campus”.  We asked Samuel just to pray that we would have enough money to build the new church.  This is what he prayed:

Dear God, Thank you that our new church will cost a REALLY REALLY LOT of money.  Like, you know those cases in No Deal or Deal with the million dollars!  Amen.

Maybe we’ve watched a wee bit too much of the Game Show Network here recently.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in seeing what we’re about to do, click here or watch the video, below.  It’s really pretty incredible.

For Generations to Come: Manifesto from Ascendio on Vimeo.