The Weather Outside Is Frightful

I still remember the week after we moved into our new house. My mom was here, helping unpack boxes and watch the kids, and we had a significant snow event. The boys (and my mom!) were DElighted, to put it mildly. Brad and I were exhausted from moving but able to stop long enough for a snowball fight. We started in the game room upstairs with Brad throwing snow from the roof down at the kids. It took them a while to figure out where it was coming from. Later, Brad and I threw snowballs at each other – with him outside in the backyard and me in the game room. He managed to get a couple inside the house(!) and even soaked me a few times. It was great fun and made a memory with the kids that they still mention from time to time.

Well, today we have seen another significant amount of snow accumulate on our roof (and everywhere else for that matter) and it has brought back many memories. But I think this snowfall has already exceeded that one – and we still have many hours to go according to the predictions! Here are a few pics I’ve taken today.