It’s Officially V-Day

Valentine’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  I used to insist it was a day to be shared with the love of my life only.  (In case you are not sure who I mean, that would be Brad.)  But my heart has expanded to include some other young men, and now it is a day we all celebrate together as a family.

In the following pictorial display of our Valentine’s Day celebration, you may notice that we are all still in our pajamas.  For the sake of clarity – and in case any of our Sunday School class are reading this – we had planned to be at church this morning.  Early service, even!  But when Matthew came downstairs at 5am, coughing and running a low fever, plans changed.  The new plan was for Brad to take the two well boys and I would stay home with the sick one.  When Matthew came down at 5:45am announcing he had thrown up in his bed, we knew no one would be heading off to church this fine February morning.

Matthew was writing “I love you” with his lollipop stick.  And no, we did not let Matthew eat any of the candy.  Yet.

Peter, examining his Pez dispenser, said “Ooo!  Pez!  I love Pez!  And oh! It’s the VALUE PACK!”

Indeed, it was a Value Pack.  Thank you, Peter, for noticing – not the writing on the dispenser that said “I {heart} you” – but the “VALUE PACK” printed above it.  A true romantic in the making.  I feel sorry for his future wife.

Proof.  See – he IS sick!

You know what was so strange about Matthew waking up sick this morning?  He came into our room the first time crying and saying “It’s not fair I didn’t get to play in the snow, Mommy!  It’s not fair!”.  I tried to understand what was happening but my mind was not as awake as my mouth, apparently.  I started arguing back.  “But Matthew, you didn’t want to play outside in the snow!  I told you you could!”  Brad finally put his hand on me and said “He’s dreaming.”  Ah.  Yes, of course.  Someone who is coherent at 5am.

Samuel, school 005

Here are a couple of pics from Samuel’s Valentine’s class party last week.  After the cookies and juice packs and craft, the kids played “Ring Around The Rosie”.  I truly thought that was old school and was pleasantly surprised to see that kids still play that game.

Samuel, school 006

We all fall DOWN! (And hope we don’t get the plague, or something like that.)

Now, in other news, here are two more pictures I have been trying to post.  They are from Friday, when Peter and Samuel (and not Matthew – but not because I wouldn’t let him!) were playing out in the snow.

Me: “What’s in your mouth?”

Why, snow!  Of course!

And again, in unrelated news, I took some pictures close-up of the burned house last week.  I keep forgetting to post them so I’m just going to stick them here at the bottom of this post.  Because nothing says “I love you” on Valentine’s Day like pictures of a burned-up house.




If you are wondering why in the world I am posting pictures of a burned house on my blog, check out this post.

Finally, before I close, I must explain why there is a new banner ad at the top of my page advertising “E-mealz”.  I am a subscriber to E-mealz and have really enjoyed the change it has brought to our home.  It comes in two handy pages – one with a grocery list and one with a complete week’s worth of recipes.  There are all different stores and plans.  I started with the “everystore” plan for families and have recently switched to the “points” plan because I have joined Weight Watchers.  For $5 a month, I have all my meals already planned for me and put into a handy shopping list.  I have easily saved that much and more in non-impulse shopping.  So…please don’t feel any obligation to click the banner above, but if you do and you decide to subscribe, I will get a little bit credited to my own E-mealz account.  That’s the scoop.  Have a happy V-day, all!