So I was online the other day (big shock, I know) and I came across some link to a site called thredUP.  I don’t usually click those things but for some reason, this one caught my interest.  I read a little about it, created an account, and then put in the size/gender of clothing I would like to purchase.

I put in Peter’s size, since he’s the only one I really buy clothes for (the rest get his hand-me-downs).  There wasn’t a lot in his size, but one box caught my interest.  It said it was full of coats and pull-over hoodies.  My kids are fascinated with hoodies and will wear one every day of the week if I let them.

It was $5 for the box, plus $10 shipping and so I decided to try it.  I purchased the box and received several really nice, heavy coats in great condition, plus this fleece hoodie:

I had to take a picture of Peter wearing this thing, because he wore it to school EVERY DAY LAST WEEK!  In fact, he even got compliments on it.  Go figure.

So my “test case” was such a great experience, I decided to fill up a bunch of boxes with my clothes marked “give away” and list them on the site in order to get some credit for more purchases.  But then a little banner popped up on my screen that asked if I wanted to try their CONCIERGE PROGRAM!!!  Don’t ask me how I scored that deal, but it’s awesome!  They sent me a pre-paid bag that I can just set outside and schedule for UPS to pick up, and then they will put the stuff into boxes and list them – I don’t have to lift a finger!

It’s like they KNEW ME and yet, we had never even met!!!

So I’ve put a little ad over on the side of my blog for you to click on, or you can just click here.  Happy swapping!