I always thought the little sheets the preschool sent home was a waste. I mean, it’s nice that today Samuel was line leader and they read the story of Jonah, but seriously? I’m just after the six hours of freedom from the non-stop questions that Samuel dreams up in order to keep me engaged in constant conversation. Questions like the ones he is asking as I type this: “What if we played outside? What if someone runs over that sign in the road? What can Grammy’s car do? Why can it drive in dirt? What if I drives in the dirt with him?”. On and on the questions go, and it’s very taxing. So forgive me if my four-year-old’s education is the least of my concerns.

But today, I came to appreciate the little piece of paper in a new way. I picked Samuel up as usual, then scanned the sheet, which said that they had a special visit from a Dental Assistant. It then went on to describe how she taught them the importance if brushing twice a day, as well as what foods are healthier for our teeth. Makes perfect sense – to a grown-up.

But this was the report I got about what Samuel learned in school today: “Today the doctor came to my school and told us about salt bugs. Salt bugs come up to my chin and bite it – see the bite, Mommy? – then they dig a hole in your tongue and eat the salt and stuffes you put in your mouth! But if you don’t eat too much salt then they will die.” This colorful story has gone on for half an hour now and currently, we are on the chapter where the salt bugs are afraid of cars and are being scared away by them.

Earlier today, I asked Samuel what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said “a scary superman!”. Then he went on to tell me he wanted to wear his new superman pjs with the cape. I’ll probably let him. Then he went on to tell me he wanted to wear them for Halloween – and Easter! Of course! The scary superman that visits your house on Easter morning!

Brad tells me that when they were driving home Sunday night, there was quite a lightening storm going on around them. This precipitated a conversation about what heppens when lightening hits…(fill in the blank). The most entertaining question was “What happens when lightening hits Jesus?”. (I’m glad Brad was there to handle that deeply theological question.) When we prayed tonight at devotions, all we could figure was the part about Jesus using shock to kill the bad guys was the result of that conversation. Who knows? I, for one, have given up on ever understanding how his mind works. I just hope he doesn’t have nightmares tonight about those salt bugs. Then again, I hope I don’t either!