From Evernote:

Testing and A Turtle

Well, I am trying out a new program that my sister has introduced me to called Evernote. It is already my new favorite. It’s a note program that you can install as an app on your phone, iPad, Blackberry, etc. and also as a real program on your PC. So far, it is a dream come true. Oh, and it’s free.

Can it get any better?

Why yes, it can. Because this is not just your ordinary note program. This program also allows you to include pictures, voice memos, and you can even share your notebooks so other people can have access to them.

Did I mention it’s free?

I’m sure there is much more for me to learn about this program but for today, I’m going to see how it works as a place for me to write my blog posts. Because frankly, the WordPress app (which is also free FYI), stinks. Bad. And they advertise this program as being a good place to blog.

So this is my test blog. How’s it working for ya?

And if this post doesn’t have you on the edge of your seat yet, just wait! There’s more!

Today as we were leaving the house, we saw a TURTLE crawling along the alley. I’ve never seen a turtle in the city as far as I can remember. So I had to stop and snap a picture:

[Edited to add: I actually wrote this post in the Evernote program then emailed it to WordPress – and it showed up here as a post!!! So this may be my new favorite way to post to my blog. Except that I can’t change the size of the picture, which might get really annoying, especially when all you’re looking at is a turtle.]