I mentioned in my last post that I have been working through all the piles of stuff the kids produced during the last school year.  Believe it or not, I’m about done!  It’s truly amazing how much I have gone through – and thrown away – and this is  just what they brought home at the end of the year!  I actually did a decent job of keeping the paperwork sorted through and most of it tossed out during the year.  I only kept the really stellar examples of their progress – and now, even that has been scanned in and tossed!  Hurray!  So here are some things I found that I thought were worth sharing.  Enjoy.

This was written by Matthew at the end of the school year, before went to Lego Land.  But I guess this is how he pictured it: “By Matthew.  Your senses at Lego Land.  1. At Lego…”

“…Land I see Lego guys.  2. At Lego Land I hear a movie.  3. At Lego Land I feel Lego…”

“…guys. 4. At Lego Land I taste bacon. 5. At Lego Land I smell Macaroni.  The end.”  And there you have it – Matthew’s version of what Lego Land will be like to the senses.  In reality, there was no bacon, and no macaroni and cheese (although they did sell us some very overpriced cheeseburgers).  And as for Lego Guys, I don’t recall seeing those.  I mean, we saw an entire nation – actually nations – built out of Legos.  And a life-sized Darth Vader.  But there were no Lego Characters hanging around the park.  Really, they are missing a bet by not having people dressed up as characters from the sets to sign autographs.  My boys would have been willing to stand in line for hours to see one of them hold a pen in their weird u-shaped hand, as well as get close enough to try to break them apart.  Which might explain why they don’t do that.

Next, here is part of a book Peter made me for Mother’s Day this year:

“My favorite dish that my mother makes is hot dogs.  She makes it like this…First she turns off the T.V. and asks us to get the ingredients and then she cooks them.  YUM!!!”  When Brad first read this page, he couldn’t stop laughing.  I, on the other hand, was not laughing.  But then I read this page:

“The funniest thing that ever happened to my mother is…when last year, on April Fools Day, I put a frog on her chair.  She really screamed!”  When I read that page, I looked up at Peter and said “This never happened!”.  He got a little grin on his face and said the whole book was supposed to be his little joke.  Ha  Ha.  So funny I forgot to laugh.

Samuel under an umbrella

Finally, here are some examples of Samuel’s work in Preschool.  I was amazed how many of his art projects had his picture on them!   Is there some psychology behind that, like helping them associate what they do with their hands to their own faces?  This, folks, is why I am not a teacher.  Just doesn’t make sense.

Samuel in a boat

Samuel in some kind of red gourd

Samuel in the Texas Flag

There’s so much more I could share, but it occurs to me that perhaps these items are only interesting to their mother.  Go figure.  Hope to share more of my scrapbooks in my next post!