Everyone (except Brad, who’s still at work) was in the kitchen this afternoon, doing either homework or chores. The dog was running around making a nuisance of herself and Samuel was showboating as he was emptying the dishwasher.

I could see we were headed toward disaster when I saw him take a dinner plate and hit himself on the head with it. I warned him in my strictest voice that he is NOT to hit himself on the head with dinner plates! He said “Because they are glass and are so breakable?”

My answer was “YES!!!!” but I refrained from adding some choice words about how hard his head is.

Next thing I know *CRASH* he drops a bowl on the floor and it breaks. It wasn’t one of the white bowls either – it was china. I started to yell, but caught myself when I saw his face begin to scrunch up into a cry. I knelt down by him, held him while he cried, then asked him what happened. He proceeded to show me how he was TWIRLING THE BOWL BETWEEN HIS FINGERS LIKE A BALL.

Then as I was staring at him open-mouthed, he leans his head to the side and says “It always works with my ball!”

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