I’m grateful to say I am still standing.  Well, sitting at the moment, but you know what I mean.  There were times today when the dizziness threatened to send me crashing to the floor.  I don’t know why, exactly, but after a nap this afternoon, I was good to go.

And when I say ‘nap’, I really mean I practically passed out in the guest bedroom, thanks to all the folded laundry on my own bed.

That lasted until Sl decided he was a big boy and no longer needed a nap.  Or to obey directions to stay in his bed.  Or his room, for that matter.

I was so sleepy, I just put him in the bed with me and fell right back to sleep.  He was content to lie there next to me for about a nanosecond.  Then he started telling me how much he loved my mouth.  My ears.  My eyes.  All things that are nice to hear, of course, except when accompanied by tiny toddler fingers, wet and sticky touching my eyelids, mouth and worst of all, inside my ears.  At that point, my nap was over.

As it turns out, it was a good thing he came down when he did.  The alarm I had set to make sure I didn’t miss picking up the kiddos from school had been set to “silent” – on this, my first day to drive carpool for the neighbor.

We just made it in time.  Thank you, Lord, for sticky toddler fingers!

Eye candy: here are some older pics I found on my cellphone a little while ago…