I have had several questions posted on my Facebook wall this week about E-Mealz, and so I decided to make a list of all the reasons I have come to LOVE this service.

10. No email spam – just visit their site on the day your meal plan is posted (mine is Friday) and download the 2 page PDF file.

9. The recipes are not difficult, and they don’t use a whole bunch of ingredients I don’t recognize, like escarole.  Seriously, what the heck is that stuff???

8. Since I switched to the “points” meal plan, I don’t have to figure out how many points are in my meals.  It’s already figured out for me!

7. They let me switch mid-subscription to a different plan (when I joined WW, I switched to the points plan).  They said they offer one complimentary switch per 3 month period.

6. I have saved waaaaaayyy more than the $5 per month subscription fee.  And seriously – $5 a month is one trip to Starbucks.  Eating at home with the family?  Priceless.

5. I have actually gotten into the routine of checking my list mid-way through my day to see if I need to defrost anything, then starting dinner around 5pm.  We eat by 5:30-6pm almost every night.

4. The recipes are all on one page.  That means that I only have to keep up with one page.  That’s totally do-able – even for me.

3. The grocery list makes it super easy for me to pick that one recipe per week that I know I won’t eat (usually one with fish) and simply find that number on the grocery list and cross off those ingredients.  I usually do it in the car right before I walk into the store.

2. I have gone from having a daily panic attack over what I was going to make for dinner to knowing well in advance what we will eat every night of the week.  That’s HUGE.  That, folks, is what I like to call Piece of Mind, or POM, for short.

1. My kids – my formerly won’t-eat-anything-that-isn’t-a-chicken-nugget kids – LOVE the meals!  In fact, tonight my six-year-old cried when I told him there wasn’t any more cauliflower soup left.  I actually had to split the last bowl with him because he was so devastated.  And my four-year-old ate every bite of his broccoli.  (Yes, he dipped it in ketchup but HEY, he ate it and it was green!  I’m not complaining!!!).

(Note: I have imported the E-Mealz link to the sidebar of my blog.  If you decide to try them, please consider clicking through my link so I get credit for referring you.  Just to make it clear, I’m not getting anything from E-Mealz for this post – just referral points if you subscribe.)