So we’ve survived two full days of school and thus far, no major drama. Peter’s teacher called tonight just to tell us how much she loves him already (Seriously? After two days?) and Matthew already learned Kindergarten has consequences too. I would elaborate but when I quizzed him about it, he had absolutely no recollection that any such thing had occurred. That’s what we like to call selective memory here in our home.

As long as I’m on the subject of school, I just have to ask: does anyone else find it oddly ironic that the only time I can remember that I need to buy a wireless earpiece for my phone is while I am waiting to pick the boys up from
school? And so that prompts me to begin surfing the Internet on my cellphone for the perfect earpiece? And that when the line starts moving at a snail’s pace I find it hard not to continue my online search? I mean, wouldn’t it be funny if I got a ticket for that? What would my defense be? “Well, officer, I can’t remember to do my online shopping at home so I was forced to do it here in this school zone so I could buy an earpiece and keep from running over any of these precious little boys and girls!” I don’t know why but I find that hysterical.

Maybe it’s time to stop hitting the sauce before bed. I’m just kidding. It’s probably those prescription drugs making me feel so good.