[update: diagnosis was stomach virus, not ear infection. Oh joy.]

Brad is in Orlando again this week. He should be on his way home by the time this posts. Meanwhile, can I prey on your sympathies for just a moment? Here is my “woe is me” list:

1. I am recovering from a sinus infection that just won’t quit. I am currently taking 5 pills plus using a nosespray every day in an attempt to overcome whatever is setting off my allergies. Meanwhile, the meds are making me feel worse than the pollens, I think.

2. Samuel has a fever and threw up last night, plus spent the wee hours of this morning curled up next to me in bed.

3. Today is Samuel’s MDO day and he’s home.

4. This is now my fourth week of single-parenting as Brad has been in Florida or Alabama working during the week.

5. I’m tired.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here are the reasons I am not despairing today:

1. Brad is on his way home for a 3 day weekend!!! Hallellujah!

2. I believe Samuel may have an ear infection, which is far better than the flu or a stomach virus. And he only threw up once, which means it’s probably not the latter. And we have an appointment to verify my diagnosis in a few hours.

3. Being tired is a condition easily remedied by sleep.

4. My prayer life is becoming a much bigger part of my day (see #1-5 of the first list) – which, I think, may be why we are going through this right now. And it’s been so worth it.

5. How can I be depressed when I have three adorable boys to remind me how much God loves me each day?

(For the record, I tried to convince Peter to change his socks but nothing doing. Please don’t revoke my mother card.)