Two things are at work here, simultaneously.  1) Brad told me the other night he missed me posting to my blog.  I totally didn’t even know he read my blog.  And 2) I’ve been awake for an hour and a half of my 40th birthday and already there is much to tell.

It started last night when I came downstairs after putting the boys to bed and Brad and Peter were working on a surprise for me in the kitchen.  Peter insisted on tucking me into bed at 8pm!!!  It was all good – I read a book until 1am.  After Brad had left for work this morning, at approximately 7am, Peter and Samuel came to wake me up and wish me a happy birthday.  They told me to stay in bed, then proceeded to run off to the kitchen where I heard “SAM-UEL!!!” and “OW!!!  PE-TER!” and “I HOPE MOMMY LIKES COFFEE IN HER PANCAKES!!!”  I have to tell you, it was hard to sit and wait but I knew it would break their hearts if I walked into the kitchen.  In a few minutes, here comes Peter carrying a very heavy tray, which held a plate of pancakes caked with butter, syrup and spilled coffee, a bowl of cantaloupe and my coffee mug filled to the brim with black coffee (with a spoon next to it to stir it and nothing to stir into it).  I had (thankfully) moved to the chair next to my bed because just as he reached me, the tray slipped, the coffee mug fell towards me, and me, the floor, and the chair were doused with steaming hot coffee.  I’m just grateful the pancakes and syrup didn’t land on the floor.

It was all I could do not to scream,but I managed to say in between clenched teeth, “please bring me a towel”.  He ran to get me…one napkin.  After that was thoroughly soaked, I asked for a towel again, or perhaps some paper towels.  He came back with one paper towel (which is really just half a paper towel since I buy the kind that tear off in smaller sections).  I gave up after that, since they were already starting to regale me with homemade cards and Lego ships and Lego people (Princess Leah!) and odd toys that are current favorites (a yo-yo that Samuel stole out of Peter’s room and Samuel’s new Bionicle).  By this time, Peter had gone to wake Matthew up, so they sang me the sweetest version of Happy Birthday I have ever heard in my life.  Really wish I could have gotten it on video but couldn’t spoil the moment for them.  After that, they all went to make themselves a plate and once I realized they intended to join me in the bedroom (!!!), I scarfed down my pancakes and headed to the kitchen.  There’s only so much a girl can take first thing in the morning.

I have now added sugar and cream to my coffee so my day has brightened considerably.  Samuel is currently obsessed with our shower so he had already showered and dressed – and tried to convince me to let him lay on my bed soaking wet because he says that’s the best way to dry off – and I think I might be able to sneak in a shower as well.  After that, the only thing on the agenda today is to inspect my face in my magnifying mirror with tweezers in hand to see if there are any renegade hairs.  And since I love all of you too much to end on that note, here are some recent pictures of the boys.

Legoland trip

We went to Legoland which is near San Diego, California right after school got out.  Looking back, I haven’t posted since Disney so I have some catching up to do!

San Diego Zoo

And since I rarely get a decent picture of Matthew, here’s one taken at the San Diego Zoo.

Pt. Mansfield

We were home for a week, then the boys and I drove to Port Mansfield, which is South of Corpus Christi, where we spent a week with my family.


We brought Savannah and Truitt back with us (two of my sister’s kids), and Savannah and I spent a day doing girly things like shopping and getting pedicures.


Samuel bought himself a new camera with his birthday money.  And has taken about a million pictures just like this one.

Brace Face

Peter got braces last week


And finally, at Samuel’s well child visit the week after we got back from Pt. Mansfield, the doctor discovered a hernia.  We got him in with a surgeon the following Monday and had surgery last Friday.  It was outpatient and he’s doing fine after a weekend of R & R.


In fact, this picture was taken the day after his surgery.

Wow.  It’s been a busy summer!!!  Actually, I appreciate you allowing me to take this little journey back in time with you.  It has improved my mood considerably and reminded me that I have so much to be thankful for on this day.  Maybe I will forgo the tweezers and spend my day recounting all my blessings instead, not the least of which are you, my friends and family.  Thanks for reading my blog!