So I go into Samuel’s room tonight and find his blue wall covered in white chalk.  It was actually kind of pretty – but in a totally inappropriate way.  I mean, even I know you shouldn’t let your 3 year old color on the wall.  What if he used a red marker next time?  Or even worse, orange???

So I stiffled the laughter and went to get Brad.  Because I knew I couldn’t keep a straight face long enough to discipline him.

Brad gave him the obligatory swats and then got him ready for bed while I got the other two ready for bed and settled in front of a Christmas cartoon I recorded.  Then I traded with Brad and got a wet cloth for Samuel to use to clean the wall.  Thankfully, the white chalk was easy to clean off.

After we were done with the clean-up, we went to his bathroom to brush his teeth, and that’s when I noticed part of his supper still on his face.  So I used the wet rag to wipe around his mouth and while I was working he looked up at me and said “Hey, stop wiping my face!  I’m not the wall!!!”

I don’t know where he gets it.