[Previously posted on 9.2.2012]

I was just reading someone’s Facebook update and ran across a link to a blog called Preventative Patti that I hadn’t heard of before.  Since I’m still in the early stages of my health food journey, I thought I would take a quick look.  Something I read was astounding, to say the least:

Drink a lot of water, more than you think! Our body is made up of mostly water and so many times we mistake hunger for thirst! Drink at least half your body weight in ounces per day (or more than that if you are super active).

Let me start by saying, I knew our body is made up mostly of water, and I knew we needed a LOT of water to be healthy, especially when we were exercising.  In fact, I have been drinking more water in the first hour after I exercise this week than I used to drink in an entire day.  I carry a 16oz. bottle with me – I take 2 to class – and down 64oz per day pretty easily (4 bottles).  I thought the formula was 8X6 (48, if my math is correct) or if you were breastfeeding, 8X8 (64).  So I was shooting for 64, even though I am MOST CERTAINLY NOT breastfeeding.  I thought 64oz was being generous.  And one day, I drank 80oz and felt extremely self-righteous about my achievement.

But half my body weight???  Is she kidding?  Again, my math skillz aren’t great but I think that is 130 oz.

130 oz. is approximately 8 of my 16oz. bottles.  EIGHT. BOTTLES. IN. ONE. DAY.

I think, just for kicks, I’ll try it.

I may have to camp out by the bathroom, but if I feel better afterward, I might decide she’s right.

I doubt it.