So we have been consumed with swimming lessons lately. And by consumed I mean we’ve had 2 lessons. The pictures aren’t great since I can’t zoom in with this new camera phone and Mrs. Jenni has asked me to hide behind a hedge on her patio during the lessons.

I know what you’re thinking and no, that request was not due to some neurotic mom move on my part. It’s standard operating procedure for her.

So anyway, I have better pictures which I shot with my real camera (what else do I have to do for an hour except crouch behind her hedge and shoot pictures like I’m part of my children’s paparrazi?). However, since I got my iPhone, I find it increasingly difficult to work on my laptop since it requires me to sit at my desk and feel productive. So my good pics are still on my camera.

Not that you care. The truth is that I’m trying to fill space since I have no cute stories and marginal pics of aformentioned swimming lessons. So here’s all I have until the spirit moves me to download my good pics onto my laptop. And by the spirit, I obviously mean, my guilty conscience.