Today is Oct. 30th – almost November.  And I haven’t blogged since early September.  That’s unusual for me – but then, this has been an unusual time in our lives.  I have thought many times about whether or not to share it here on the blog, but in the end, I’ve decided to keep our private lives private.  Don’t worry – it’s nothing earth-shattering.  Just some stuff, you know?  And it’s getting better every day.

Meanwhile, life goes on and lots has happened.  Most of it – little funny things and such – I forget before I have time to write it down.  But that’s probably best since I need to do a quick summary to catch everyone up:

* The Rangers are playing in the world series.  I’m watching Game 3 as I write and the Rangers are up 4-0.  Erg…double play to end the inning.

* Even more amazing, I’m watching baseball alone.  Brad is on a camping trip – first of the year -with Matthew and Adventure Guides.  This is Matthew’s year to be in AG alone with Brad.  His name is “Tiger Claw” and Brad’s is “Lion King”.  Matthew was so excited, he was almost late to school Friday because he was packing.  I got his suitcase after he was at school and found his AG shirts, a couple of dress pants, two mismatched socks, and a shoebox filled with Lego’s and sundry toys.  No underwear.  But that was really no surprise.

* Peter had his friend, Dean, here for a sleep over last night.  We don’t do sleep overs very often and this morning I remembered why.  My house is an even bigger mess than it was yesterday with toys strewn everywhere.  But Peter had fun and I was glad he got to spend time with his friend.  He’s been so sad since his best friend, Ethan, moved back to California.  Plus, Dean’s family has only been in the States for 2 years.  He speaks Russian and Hebrew – English is his 3rd language.  He’s an interesting kid, and I was glad to get to know him a little better.

* Samuel is still playing soccer and seems to be enjoying it.  He still has trouble focusing during the game – tends to lose interest quickly – but he always is enthusiastic about playing.

* We enrolled Samuel in preschool a few weeks ago.  It’s four days a week from 9-2, and it’s really a good change for both of us.  He loves school and I love the time alone.

* This morning, they imploded most of our church campus.  I was surprised at how emotional I got when I saw the buildings come down.  I guess it makes sense – we have been members there since, what, 1994?  Maybe ’95?  Anyway, lots of memories in those buildings.  But the really cool part was when the dust cleared, the sunrise lit up the old sanctuary – particularly the steeple – and even the news announcers were taken aback by the site.  It was quite amazing.  I was looking forward to going to church tomorrow and seeing it with my own eyes, but Peter is running a slight fever tonight so I think we’ll stay home.

Here are some pictures of the soccer game.  I’ll post about the camp out next time…which will hopefully be before, say January of 2011!