You know you’re too busy when…

1. The sink is so full of dirty dishes, you can no longer find a clean one and have to resort to using paper plates.

2. The school events that are so dutifully sent home by the teachers never make it to your calendar until after the event has occurred.

3. You use your lip liner to line your eyes in the car.  For a week straight.  And for a special event, you use lip gloss as eye shadow.

4. Getting ready for church on Sunday, you can’t remember how to style your hair without using a clip for your bangs.

5. You tell yourself that you need to file your nails then look down a week later and realize you never have.

6. The kids start bringing down their dirty laundry without being asked because they have nothing to wear that passes their standards of clean.

7. Your 5 year old has to remind you not to use your cellphone to text in the school zone.

8.  You can’t remember what day of the week it is, what day of the month it is and sometimes you forget the year.

9.  You know nothing about major news events unless your husband happens to mention it.  And then you just forget it anyway.

10. Your husband asks you out on a date night and you have to ask how late you will be out before you say yes.

11. Finally, you know it’s the holiday season when you find yourself thinking in terms of number of gifts left to buy until Christmas rather than days until Christmas.